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In Front of View – The Many Markets of Thailand in 360° VR

 Front and Leonie Travel to many of the markets around Thailand. From Bangkok’s Jatujak (Chatuchak) weekend market to the floating market of the four regions in Pattaya, as well as modern mega shopping malls and river boat merchants along the Klongs of Bangkok.

In Front of View – Thailand Parting Sea and Krabi in 360° VR

Front and Leonie are in Thailand visiting Krabi, Poda Island,  and the Parting Seas. Join them in full 360 virtual reality as they walk the beaches and ride the longtail boats of Thailand!

In Front of View – Season Preview in 360° VR

Join Front Montgomery (ฟร้อนท์ มอนท์โกเมอรี่) along with her daughter, Leonie Montgomery as they take the world by storm one place at a time!

In Front of View – Samsung VR commercial